About trackinapack

Discover The Advantages To The TRACKINAPACK™ GPS Tracking System

The trackinapack™ product range was created by leading GPS tracking solution provider, Global Tracking Technology, to make it easier for consumers and business to understand, purchase and use GPS tracking technology.

Easy to Use  – The devices, software and app are designed for ease of use. Device holders only need to charge and carry the device. The software is designed so parents, grandparents and non-tech savvy individuals can easily use the software.
Battery Life  – Depending on usage patterns, trackinapack™ battery charges can last up to one week versus 12-28 hours for our competition. This means more reliability and convenience.
Durability  – Water-proof, dirt-proof, and idiot-proof, trackinapack™ devices are built with military-grade quality plastics and will survive drops, spills, demanding climates and harsh outdoor conditions.
Small Size  – The trackinapack™ device is 2″ around and weighs only 1.5 ounces. It is currently one of the smallest GPS tracking devices on the market. They will fit easily in pockets, purses, backpacks, glove boxes and with the included belt casing can easily be worn.
Reliable Network and Coverage  – trackinapack™ GPS tracking devices are operated through the O2 phone network that achieves the required uptime so your devices work when you need them most and also includes international roaming.
Best Of Breed Partners  – The trackinapack™ GPS tracking system is built around technology from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Blackberry.
Customized Alerts and Data  – Users can customize different alerts that activate based on geographic zones, speeds, and time schedules. You can also customize the frequency intervals for location device updates and detailed history. The data and reports can be as simple or complex as needed to meet your goals. Businesses can use full scale reports from vehicle GPS tracking devices for automobiles and other vehicles.

We Care About What You Care About

trackinapack™ GPS tracking system has been designed to track high value items, objects and assets to meet a wide variety of needs. Below are some examples of how trackinapack™ devices can be used.

Monitor the usage of your car, truck or your fleet of business vehicles. See where they have been, check the speed and be alerted if they enter a specific location or leave  a designated work area.

Give the device to a worker or vulnerable member of your family and see where they are and respond if they enter difficulty. Receive alerts on your phone by SMS if they activate the panic alarm.

Insert the device into packages containing your valuable items to know they leave and arrive at their destination and track their route.

Attach to high value assets permanently or temporarily to monitor their location in realtime and be alerted on movement or if they leave a designated area.

How It Works

The Technology  – GPS tracking systems are a complex integration of multiple technologies. The trackinapack™ GPS tracking system utilises GPS satellite signals broadcasted from over 28 geo-stationary satellites which is integrated with GSM-GPRS mobile phone technology to transmit those signals to our servers.

The Devices  – On board every trackinapack™ device is intelligence that enables each device to respond to multiple types of commands sent by each individual user. This could be a command that instructs the device to send a location ‘ping’ on a specific interval or to send an alert when it moves.

The Software  – Our online gps tracking control panel has been designed especially for ease of use and its functionality is second to none. trackinapack™ GPS trackers work even while you’re not thinking about them. Best of all, they’re simple to use! Geo-fence zones, speed limits, alerts, history and power features will maximize how much value you get from using the devices. Not only can you track from our web based software you can also locate and manage your device from you smartphone or tablet.

Pay As You Go

No Complicated Plans  – Your trackinapack™  GPS is a Pay As You Go device giving you the unlimited access to our software platform and its features and functions. Your user account gives you the flexibility to choose how often the device reports its location, for example from every 10 seconds to once an hour.

No Activation Fees  – When you buy your trackinapack™  devices they come ready activated, unlike other GPS tracking companies, we dont charge you to activate your device. When you receive it, you simply switch it on, place it outside so it can receive its first GPS signal and the device instantly starts communicating to your software account.


The trackinapack™ system is built around built on the GSM mobile phone network that covers 97% of wireless world. We are proud that our technology is based on the O2 phone network that has superior coverage in the UK . The trackinapack™  system includes a pre-installed SIM card that also extends into the rest of the world without any extra charge.