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Before purchasing credits it is recommended that you read the about prepaid credits section to familiarise yourself with the credits process.

Choose Your Credits

What are credits?

PrePaid SMS & Position Credit

For a single price, prepaid credit bundles include BOTH SMS and POSITION credits for use with each device. They last for 12 months.

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Unlimited Monthly & Annual Credits

Unlimited credits with no restrictions for as long as you need. The software displays when your unlimited credits expire.

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For a single price, Prepaid credit bundles include BOTH SMS and POSITION credits for use with each device.


For a single price, PREPAID UNLIMITED credits allow for unlimited SMS and POSITIONS for a device for a specific period of time. Please note:

1. You must tell us which device ID to apply the credit to

2. Each unlimited credit is only valid for the period of time bought

Buying credits is a very simple process. This page will talk you through how the credits purchase works and will explain a little more about the credits system.


Credits Overview
      • Credits are purchased securely online using a credit or debit card.
      • You will be connected to the GLOBAL TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES PAYPAL account.
      • Credits are applied by our team as soon as we receive notification from PayPal of your payment.


Types Of Credits

You can purchase the following types of credits and credit packages:

Prepaid credit bundles : These combine SMS and POSITION credits in a single purchase and can be bought at varying quantities. 
Prepaid unlimited : These offer unlimited amounts of SMS and POSITION credits for a specific period of time until the time period has finished.