Tracking Your TRACKINAPACK™ GPS Device
Integrated, Easy to Use Apps To Track It Everywhere, From Anywhere

TRACKINAPACK™ GPS Tracking Apps Overview

Included free of charge with your trackinapack™ tracking system is software to track your device worldwide with no roaming charges, activation costs or subscription fees. With no complicated plans or usage restrictions, you can track your device from:

      • Any PC or MAC
      • Any tablet or iPad type device
      • Any internet connected mobile phone



Software interface. Click to enlarge

Login & Track From Your PC or MAC

trackinapack™ software has been built based on our extensive experience with our GPS tracking customers and we believe it is one of the most advanced – whilst being user friendly – GPS tracking software platforms available.

The intuitive interface has been designed to provide you with the location and status of your trackinapack™ tracking devices without overloading you with too much information and too many mouse clicks.

When you login you will immediately see the latest location of your tracking device and if you have multiple devices, you can simply select the one you want to see.


Enter device id: trackpackdemo

First Class Features & Easy To Use Functions

trackinapack™ includes our easy to use, industry leading web-based GPS tracking ‘dashboard’. Intuitively designed for ease of use across all PC platforms. Comprising easy to navigate menus, each function is clearly identifiable and each command has reassuring visual feedback.


gps tracking geofencing

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Set 360 degree virtual perimeter ‘Safety Zones’ (geo fence) around multiple areas. Receive an instant SMS to your mobile phone when your tracker enters and/or exits the zone, notifying you of the full address details.

‘Ping’ Frequency

gps tracking frequency

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You can change the amount of position reports your trackinapack™ device sends. From 10 second live reporting, (sending its position to the panel every 10 seconds) up to reporting every 2 hours. trackinapack™ devices can send a position on demand or only when it is moving.

Location History

gps tracking history

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Check your trackinapack™ device location history including route replay feature, direction, speed, date, time, addresses, street view and longitude and latitude

View Multiple Devices

track multiple gps devices

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Place an unlimited number of devices in your user account and see where they are simultaneously, anywhere in the world.

Account Admin

gps tracking account admin

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Customize settings to your requirements such as timezone, device name and login details.

SMS Alerts

gps tracking sms alerts

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Set SMS alerts for battery on/off, low battery power, geo fence breach, motion detection, SOS panic alarm and location update.

Satellite & Street View Maps

gps tracking streetview realtime

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Split screen street view of the trackinapack™ device location feature between Google maps and Google street view.

Download History Reports

gps tracking history

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You can download history data for your devices in Excel CSV and PDF format.

Tracking From Your Smartphone and Tablets

In addition to our web based tracking software and at no extra charge, trackinapack™ gives you the ability to track your devices from your mobile phone whilst you are on the go.

Just as you would by using the tracking software from our website, by logging into our mobile phone specific software, you can track, view history and send commands to your tracking devices.

SMS Alerts

To make GPS tracking even more user-friendly, trackinapack™ has been developed to send you critical alerts without you having to be constantly monitoring your devices.

Control Your Costs With Tracking On Pay As You Go

With trackinapack™ software apps you don’t have to worry about subscription fees and monthly contracts.

Your trackinapack™ GPS system is completely Pay As You Go giving you access free of charge to all our software and the flexibility of how often the device reports its location, for example from every 10 seconds to once an hour.


Using Your Credits

You can view how many credits are left inside your software account.

POSITIONS CREDITS’ … Each time a trackinapack™ sends back a location, you use one credit. You can buy different volumes of position credits depending upon your usage and they are added quickly to your account.

SMS CREDITS ’ …. Sometimes you may need to send a new instruction to your trackinapack, perhaps a change to the tracking interval, or to perform a location on demand. This uses SMS credits. Also if you set an alert to be sent to your phone or perform a locate by calling your device this will also use an SMS credit.

You can purchase credits in different volumes to suit your budget, through our secure online payment portal in partnership with PayPal.

What Do You Want TRACKINAPACK™ To Track?