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Simple & Easy To Use  – Just Unpack It and Track It

The trackinapack™ GPS tracking system is designed to make it easy for consumers and businesses to understand, purchase and use GPS tracking technology.

Inside each pack is an activated trackinapack™ device, with the freedom of no monthly or annual contract and the pack includes everything you need to easily track a wide range of property and high value assets.

Your trackinapack™ purchase includes our easy to use web based GPS tracking service and iPhone, iPad and mobile phone software.

Additionally, every trackinapack™ device comes with pre-installed GPRS connectivity that allows you to track your device in over 150 countries.

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GPS Tracking Devices Built To Track Anything, Anywhere. The Tracker Of Choice For Governments, Corporations and Individuals. Free Software Apps and No Monthly or Annual Subscription Fees For Life!



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Track Everywhere, From Anywhere – Know Where It Goes™

Use our software worldwide with no roaming charges, activation costs or subscription fees.

From your own password protected account on the web using our GPS tracking software, or from your mobile phone you will know everywhere the tracking device goes and it will even communicate with you via SMS.

See where the device is on satellite mapping and also in ‘streetview’. To keep it simple, you will also see the address, city and country the device is in.

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Starting From Only £149 All Included! No Contract, No Complicated Plans – Just Pay As You Go GPS Tracking

When you buy your trackinapack™ devices they come activated and free of restrictions to your software account.

Other GPS tracking companies will confuse you with a range of complicated monthly fees that restrict you to limited amounts of updates or uses of software functions, and even access to online maps and software.

We guarantee that we will not charge you any monthly fees. This means that in the times when you dont need to use your trackinapack™, you are not wasting your money and when you do want to use it, we aren’t restricting your access to the system.

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TRACKINAPACK™ Features At A Glance

    • Operates worldwide with no roaming costs
    • Low cost makes trackinapack™ affordable to consumers and businesses
    • Simple to use – Anyone can use the device straight out of the box due to its simplicity
    • Locate on demand and also set specific intervals for “pings” of its location
    • Call the device and it will send you an SMS with its address location details.
    • Multiple usesvehicle tracker, asset tracker, package tracking, personal tracking
    • Small Dimensions – 66mm (H) x 36mm (W) x 20mm (D). Light weight, only 58 grams
    • Long battery life: 300-400 hours standby time, 5 minute reporting time =100 – 170 hours, 10 minute reporting = 150-220 hours
    • SOS alarm button
    • Free software online – easy to use web based tracking
    • Free smartphone ‘app” to track on the move

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You can order your trackinapack™ device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with free postage and packing.

You will receive your order within 5 working days. We always deliver our devices ready activated and they will work straight out of the box.

You will be provided with your own secure login to all our software. Click here to find out which trackinapack™ device is right for you

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